Cody has been used in hundreds of primary schools for 2 years. This is what teachers say after offering digital education to their pupils with cody21.

Tasks at cody21

"The children loved the first cody lesson and are already looking forward to the next one. It was definitely an absolute success 😉
The implementation was also without any problem. Many thanks for this great solution!"

   - Julia, after-school care manager in Linz

Tasks at cody21

"I am impressed by the concept. This is exactly the kind of support that primary schools need to help children understand the basics of the digital world. My daughter's class was fascinated and she is already looking forward to the next cody lesson. "

   - Peter, Chairman of the Parents' Association in Vienna

Tasks at cody21

The exercises were very well chosen! The part with the Cody family (Fakenews) was a real eye-opener for the kids!
Great! I'm thrilled with the series."

   - Sabine, elementary school teacher Vienna 1220

Tasks at cody21

"Cody is very well received by the team. The children ask about it, want to see the next video and are interested in working with it. The colleagues can also use it for the homework. The very easy handling for the teachers is big advantage."

   - Maria, elementary school principal in Lower Austria

Tasks at cody21

"We (the multi-grade class) are totally enthusiastic about the cody videos!!!"

   - Eva, special education teacher of a multi-grade class

Tasks at cody21

"This video series comes just in time! We know that basic digital education is important, but we simply don't have the resources in our team. The cody21 videos make it so wonderfully easy. And even we (the team) learn new things in the process."

   - Martina, elementary school principal in Lower Austria

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Cyber bullying in the class in cody21
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Get to know cody21!

Get to know our hosts, Isabella and Alex, and the Cody robot family. Here you can find the current trailer with scenes from the cody21 interactive video series. Just click on "Play" in the picture.

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