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computer education and media literacy for your primary school

Use the cody21 video series and the accompanying teaching materials for digital education at your primary school!

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every child deserves to be well prepared for the future!

We support you in making this possible!

In the 21st Century, digital skills, IT proficiency and media knowledge are among the most important skills.
With the teaching videos and teaching materials available on the cody21 streaming platform, you can offer students and teachers at your school the perfect support for digital education and media literacy. Cody21 ist free of charge for primary schools in Austria.

Here you can read testimonials from educators about cody21.

This is how you can teach digital skills, computer education and media literacy at your primary school. Simply switch on and let the learning begin!

Experience report cody21

Register your school for a cody21 subscription and receive access to the cody platform for all 3rd and 4th grades. There you will find the interactive videos and teaching materials.

experience report cody

The 3rd and 4th grades each have 8 units of approx. 40 minutes, which can be accessed at any time. The lessons are taught by the presenters and the animated robot family Cody.

Tasks at cody21

The students need no computers, just the task sheets and enthusiasm.
Stories, backgrounds and tasks are explained and solved in the video.

How does the cody21 video series work?

40-45 minute lessons

8 units per school year / class

No devices required for students

With explanations, stories, animations and exercises

Developed according to international standards

Digital education is important and urgent, but not easy!

So how can this be implemented in your primary school in such a way that the requirements of the curriculum are covered?

With the cody21 video series, there is no additional work for the teaching team! The interactive video units do the job. All you need is a smartboard or a presentation laptop, internet and a beamer:

1) Print / copy the worksheets from the platform

2) Switch on the video - whenever it suits you and experience the interactive digital lessons together with the class

3) Explanations and exercises for the class come in the video. Learn and enjoy together!

learn computer cody21

Learning with Isabella and Alex


In the entertaining teaching units, Isabella and Alex bring computer and media education into the classroom. The videos are dedicated to topics such as "Behaviour on the Internet", "How computers work", careers in computer science and many more. The topics covered are relevant to the curriculum and are addressed using age-appropriate examples from the daily lives of students .




In every episode, you will be accompanied by the animated robot family Cody: The two robot children Mia and Tom experience exciting adventures in the digital world. Their parents and grandpa are always happy to help and provide advice. Sparky the robot dog can also be programmed. Internet safety and media education, such as fake news or passwords are currently hot topics in the robot family.




Each cody21 episode contains games and tasks for the class. These are explained and solved by Isabella and Alex in the video. The tasks are designed for children in the 3rd/4th grade and are based on US and international standards. The worksheets can be printed from the Media Center and handed out to the class during the lesson.

Trailer: Get to know cody21!

Get to know our hosts, Isabella and Alex, and the Cody robot family. Here you can find the current trailer with scenes from the cody21 interactive video series. Just click on "Play" in the picture.

Did you like the trailer?
Send us an email, if you are interested in seeing more of the 16 cody teaching units.

Picture Director of Education Heinrich Himmer

"In the 21st century, age-appropriate digital education at primary schools is very important for the children's basic understanding and is a particular concern of mine. With the cody21 interactive video series, we have found a way to provide primary school children with a high-quality and entertaining introduction to the basics of the digital world.

Another reason why I think so highly of the cody21 solution is because it facilitates the work of teachers and headteachers in this area. The videos cover the entire digital lesson - with explanations, stories, tasks and solutions.

We are delighted that the cody21 lighthouse project in Vienna will enable all Viennese students to receive digital education for the first time this semester."

Heinrich Himmer / Director of Education for Vienna

a digital lesson can be this simple:

  1. Log in to Media Center.
  2. Select your video and print the worksheets.
  3. Play the video for the class.


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A big thank you to our cooperation partners,

whose support enables basic digital education at primary schools!

RLB Oberösterreich supports digital basic education in primary school with cody21
A1 supports basic digital education at elementary school with cody21
OMV supports basic digital education at elementary school with cody21

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"We know the feeling of standing in front of the class and teaching a completely new subject, while the requirements are constantly changing...

We developed cody21 to be able to support every school and every teacher in computer education and media education." 

cody21 is a product of the acodemy GmbH, Austria's first programming school for children.


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