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cody21 and acodemy

cody21 is the product of acodemy GmbH, Austria's first students programming school.

"We know the feeling of standing in front of the class and teaching a completely new subject. A subject that you don't feel completely confident with yet."

We developed cody21 to support schools and teachers in basic digital education, computer science education and media education."

The Cody robot family - Mia

We love and live digital basic education: acodemy

cody21 was developed by our company acodemy for basic digital education, computer science education and media education at elementary school.

acodemy was Austria's first students programming school with programming courses and vacation camps for students and young people aged 6-17. In recent years, we have inspired over 30,000 students to take up programming and IT and have received numerous awards for our work.

We have constantly observed what the children and young people - girls and boys - enjoy and how they prefer to learn.

The cody21 interactive video series is based on this wealth of experience, coupled with knowledge and know-how from our studies and research.

You can find out more about acodemy on the acodemy website.

The management team behind cody21

Anna Relle acodemy cody21

Founder and Managing Director

"As a mother, I wanted to give my two boys 3 things above all on their way ... endless love, unforgettable childhood moments and the best possible preparation for the world out there ... wishes that I probably share with many parents. Now that my sons have grown up, I see how the challenge for parents today has become even greater. How can you prepare students in a meaningful way in the age of advancing digitalization? And as a parent, do you really have to choose between learning time and time to be a child?"

Anna comes from Budapest and has lived in Vienna since 1990. She studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Budapest and law and economics at the Technical University of Vienna. She worked as a manager for many years and, among other things, built up and managed the Austrian division of an international corporation.
And then came the day when she founded acodemy ...

Anna has two grown-up sons. In her free time, she likes to sit in the sun on her racing bike or with a good book.


Which makes us very happy...

We are most happy when we see children's eyes light up, when we get clever questions from our young participants or when they proudly show us a project they have designed and programmed themselves.

However, we are also very pleased when our work is recognized by ministers, authorities and society. Here are a few examples:

* acodemy was named the overall winner of the Innovation Award in 2020 by Digitalization Minister Dr. Margarete Schramböck

* We have received the "Family Digitally Competent" seal of approval from the Ministry for Women, Families and Youth

* acodemy was ranked among the winners of the Gewinn young entrepreneur competition for two consecutive years

* we were winners of the Look Next Generation Award in 2021 in the "Digital Business" category

* In 2019, we were nominated for the Chamber of Commerce's Women Entrepreneurs Award, where we took 3rd place

* we are proud of a great appearance on the StartUp Show 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

 we are proud of ...

Women Entrepreneurs Award 2 minutes 2 million 2 minutes 2 million 2 minutes 2 million Competent family 2 minutes 2 million 2 minutes 2 million

What was important to us in the cody21 video series...

We have carefully compiled and developed the curriculum for the cody21 video series for computer science and media education at elementary school based on our many years of experience in digital education for students . It was important to us to provide teaching materials,

* are very easy for teachers to use,
* have been produced to a high standard,
* are didactically and pedagogically well thought out,
* are explained and presented in an age-appropriate way for primary school children,
* and are a lot of fun for the pupils in elementary school.

You can find out more about the curriculum and the international competency models and standards on which it is based here.

Our values

At acodemy, we live and teach according to certain values and goals:

We love students.
students are our center, our future and our focus in everything we think, feel and do. They are the measure of whether we are successful. Parents entrust us with their students and we treat this responsibility with the utmost care.

Every child is unique.
Every child, every girl, every boy, is a unique personality whose development we are allowed to accompany. We respond to the needs and talents of each individual child with empathy. We inspire and motivate, strengthen and encourage, and challenge them without overtaxing them.
Time at students is a precious commodity.
We use the time that the students share with us to achieve the best results for them, while at the same time making sure that every child feels comfortable.
For us, success means: skills AND enthusiasm of students.
Our programs have a clear mission: to build concrete skills while the students simply have great fun.
Playful programming is a wonderful way for us to achieve this outcome.
We focus on the world of tomorrow.
We target our programs to what skills will be valuable to our students in their world of tomorrow.
We harness the magical power of inspiration.
We inspire students to discover & develop the potential that lies within them. For our coaches, this means not only being top trainers and mentors, but also role models and mentors for students .
We live and shape change.
We are always on the move, think in terms of the next possibilities and realize them. You can imitate us, but you can't catch up with us.
For our programs, this means consistently setting the standard for quality leadership and continuously developing it further.