cody21 for corporate social responsibility

It is not easy to truly help many children with a CSR project. with cody21 it is possible.

Support digital education for students with the cody21 video series! For many students.

cody digital education

every child deserves to be well prepared for the future!

Every school and every teacher should be supported in this.

In the 21st century, digital skills are among the most important.
With the cody21 video series, you can recognise the requirements of the times and provide many children with contemporary education with affordable resources.

With cody21 we serve 4 of the UN's 17 SDGs!

With the cody21 education program, we serve four Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been established to develop greener, more inclusive economies and stronger and more resilient societies. Education is one of the most important areas covered by these goals. With cody21, we can contribute in the areas of Quality Education, Gender Equality, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and Reduced Inequalities .

This is an uncomplicated and efficient way to support primary school in your city or state as part of a CSR / ESG project.

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Contact us by email ( or by phone (Anna Relle: 0664 5250592) so that we can discuss your goals. We know what schools need, but also what companies are looking for.

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Tell us which or how many schools you want to support and they will get access to cody21 Media Center for one school year. It is very easy to use and relieves the burden on teachers.

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The students in the school do not need computers.

cody21 is the ready-made, age-appropriate, beautiful and motivating education for digital skills for all students.

With cody21 you can reach many students with your CSR project!

Modern education for students

Simple and widely applicable

No devices required for students

High quality and suitable for children

Developed according to international standards

Digital education is important and urgent, but not easy!

So how can this be made possible in all elementary school?

With the cody21 video series, there is no additional work for the teaching team! The interactive video units do the job. All you need is a smartboard or a presentation laptop, internet and a beamer:

If you want to support education for primary school children as part of a CSR project, cody21 is the best option: modern, forward-looking, nice for the students and easy for the schools.

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Adopt basic digital education for your federal state

cody21 is an excellent opportunity to do something good for all children in your province. With a relatively small amount of financial support(approx. €10 per child per year), you can provide children in the 3rd and 4th grades with a forward-looking, interactive digital education. In this form for the first time in German-speaking countries! Without additional internal effort: the acodemy team takes care of the processing.


SUPPORt the elementary schools in your city

cody21 has the great advantage that it can be used immediately anywhere. With a laptop and a projector, any school can offer interactive digital education. For all students - regardless of the location, size and financial possibilities of the school. With support of around €10/child/year, you can contribute to a great project for the digital education of students in your city, or make it possible in the first place.


Support any number of elementary school in Austria

Help elementary school that have the commitment, but not the financial means, to provide up-to-date education!
Or support schools in communities that are of particular importance to your company.
You tell us how many schools you want to support, we take care of the rest and bring digital skills to the children in the classroom. 

Get to know cody21!

Get to know our hosts, Isabella and Alex, and the Cody robot family. Here you can find the current trailer with scenes from the cody21 interactive video series. Just click on "Play" in the picture.

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"This video series comes at just the right time! We know that basic digital education is important, but we simply don't have the capacity for it in our team. The cody21 videos make it so wonderfully easy. 

   - Primary school headteacher in Lower Austria

A big thank you to our cooperation partners,

whose support enables basic digital education at primary schools!

RLB Oberösterreich supports digital basic education in primary school with cody21
A1 supports basic digital education at elementary school with cody21
OMV supports basic digital education at elementary school with cody21

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