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cody21 is the simple and timely solution for digital education in elementary school

As Austria's first students programming school, we now specialize in digital education for primary school children. Our streaming platform includes complete educational videos that can be used to teach the new subjects of "computer literacy" and "media literacy".

Because every child deserves to be well prepared for the future. 


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tHEmES WE like to talk to you about:

Computer addiction among primary school children: what can parents and schools do about it?

Can Austria still close the gap in digital education?

Where do we stand in Austria and in Europe in terms of informatics education in society?

How do primary school children react to digital topics? Where are the challenges in age-appropriate knowledge transfer?



Experience report cody21

The cody21 teaching materials are based on 2 years of research, knowledge from our studies in electrical engineering and IT didactics and international (EU and USA) standards and recommendations. 

experience report cody

Our company has 7 years of experience as a students programming school, in which over 30,000 students have learned to program with us.

Tasks at cody21

The videos have been developed with input from teachers, schools, parents and children. They are not only educational, but also fun!

Anna Relle acodemy

I am Anna Relle, and together with my colleague Elisabeth Weißenböck, I founded acodemy in 2016. I studied electrical engineering and economics and spent 25 years in management positions in international corporations. In the years since the company was founded, we have discussed and practiced digital topics with over 30,000 children, programmed thousands of projects and had a lot of fun. 

The cody21 video series combines our experience as a students programming school with the know-how we have gained from our studies and research. 

As a mother of two boys, I know the desire to prepare children for the future in the best possible way. In the fast-paced digital world, this task is a major challenge for the Austrian education system. With cody21, we support elementary school in providing high-quality yet easy-to-use basic digital education without any additional burden.

I look forward to hearing from you at or +436645250592.

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